AQUAEXCEL is a unique Aquatic program designed around the unique needs of each individual.  The primary goal of this program revolves around improving the ability to execute regular activities of daily living.  Since lifestyles and daily activities vary so greatly among individuals, a plan will be developed based on the specific needs of the client following an initial assessment.   While working on these important goals, we never leave out the most important factor to this program, FUN!

This program is available exclusively through Aquaexcel in several public and private pools in the Whidbey Island and Everett/Mukilteo area.  E-mail to find the location that will be the most convenient for you or to inquire about utilizing your own community pool.

*If the client is unable to swim or has not had experience with the water, all precautions will be taken to ease any inhibitions.  Special equipment is available to assist the most anxious individual in the water.  This anxiety is completely understandable and can be greatly improved.

Ask us about “Grants” and utilitzing your “Respite Hours” for this program!