Aquatic Therapy & Rehab


The ability to swim is not necessary to participate in this program.  The pool is a wonderful place to exercise and move when experiencing pain with joint loading.  Events such as sprains, strains, arthritis and surgery can contribute to joint weakness making it difficult to exercise on land.  This program may be particularly beneficial for people affected by chronic conditions that prevent sufficient land exercise.  For example, clients that are affected with chronic conditions such as  MS, CP, Arthritis, Neurological issues or other such conditions may use the water to assist their movement and improve independent mobility.  This program is very successful and has multiple benefits for the participants.

Example of some more common goals easily met in the water:Aquatic Therapy and Rehab

• Improve Range of Motion
• Improve Balance & Mobility
• Increase Muscle Strength & Endurance
• Increase Core Strength
• Improve Posture & Gait
• Improve Cardio Output
• Improve Ability to perform Activities of Daily Living

*Please see the AQUATIC ADVANTAGE Page for additional benefits