Children’s Programs

ONE-ON-ONE PRIVATE SESSIONS are designed to accommodate children with Autism, developmental and/or physical disabilities or special considerations.  Children do not need to have the ability to swim to participate.  Special equipment will be utilized for our children that are not able to participate in any type of submersion where swimming is not an ultimate goal.  If swimming is the main goal, additional goals may be incorporated into a fundamental swim program.

ANNUAL SPECIAL OLYMPICS is a wonderful goal for our swimmers to work toward.  I am a volunteer with this event and will be happy to coach any of my clients to achieve the ability to participate.  I encourage all families to consider participation since the experience is very enriching and rewarding for the participants while the challenge seems to greatly enhance self-esteem.

Childrends ProgramThe aquatic plan will be created to meet the specific needs of the individual based on the following criteria:

1.  Activities of daily living
2. The physical, emotional, social or other needs as determined by the individual’s physician and/or other advising authorities.
3.  General areas of concern typical for the particular condition.
4.  The individual goals specific to the needs of the client.
5.  Water safety to reduce anxiety and increase client safety.

Example of some of the more common goals easily met in the water:
• Water Adjustment & Safety; Comfort & Confidence; Learn to Swim
• Improve Balance, Coordination & Core Strength
• Develop Muscle Strength & Endurance
• Improve Stamina & Agility
• Increase Flexibility & Range of Motion
• Improve Posture & Gait
• Improve Coordination & Muscle development to facilitate walking
• Increase Activity Level; Improve Cardio Output; Burn calories
• Develop Gross & Fine Motor Skills
• Sensory Integration
• Improve Ability to Follow Directions
• Develop a lifelong Sport and connection to the water
• FUN! Achieve sense of accomplishment during sessions

* The water provides great sensory feedback and the hydrostatic pressure is very soothing.  This can be particularly beneficial for children affected by Autism Spectrum.