Conditioning & Fitness

The ability to swim is not necessary to participate in the program. However, adding the ability to swim will enable lap swimming as an additional exercise option.  When compared to exercising on land, the properties of the water make it a kind place to start an exercise program.  For those experiencing hip, knee or lower back issues, the pool provides a gentle environment to increase physical activity and gradually improve strength while increasing range of motion.  The pool is also ideal for people recovering from injuries or accidents and also for de-conditioned individuals regardless of the reason.  Our body weight may be adjusted to as low as only 10% in the water allowing us to slowly and gradually bare weight.   We may also utilize the properties of the water to gradually increase resistance and intensity during the workout.  This is a great program for seniors and/or anyone wishing to increase or maintain mobility.  Once the client is properly executing the routine and has reached a sufficient comfort level, this plan may be continued independently without assistance.

Example of some of the more common goals easily met in the water:Conditioning and Fitness

• Improve Range of Motion
• Improve Balance & Mobility
• Increase Muscle Strength & Endurance
• Increase Core Strength
• Weight Management; Burn Calories
• Improve Posture & Gait
• Improve Ability to perform Activities of Daily Living
• Stepping Stone to a Regular Exercise Regimen

*Please see the AQUATIC ADVANTAGE Page for additional benefits