This program utilizes several different pools both on Whidbey Island and in the Everett/Mukilteo area.  You may e-mail or call for additional information.


1/2 Hour Sessions:  25 minutes           ( 1)  Hour Session:  50 minutes

1/2 Hour Session: $40                            ( 1)  Hour Session:  $70

Sessions meet one time per week.  Tuition is charged on a monthly basis by the amount of anticipated sessions within that month.  Once we determine the best time and day of the week that works with your schedule, that time slot will be reserved for you on a regular basis until you decide to change or cancel.  If you need to temporarily change the time and/or the day for an occasion, you can e-mail or call with that request and we will try to find another time that will work for you.

Pool entry fees are paid by client and not included in the price.  Most pools have ten visit punch cards that offer a discounted entry rate.

*Some time slots may cost a little more when we are the only program requiring lifegaurds in the pool.  These time slots may be ideal for those sensitive to noise and additional activities.

REGISTRATION: The registration form has two pages and may be accessed by clicking on the desired form.  There is a choice between a “docx” and a “pdf” depending on if you plan to mail or e-mail the form.  If you e-mail the form, I will have a paper copy for you to sign on the first day.

Adult Program Registration Forms:

Adult RegistrationAdult Registration Form (.pdf)     Adult Registration Form Adult Registration Form (.docx)

Children’s Program Registration Forms:

Children Registration Children’s Registration Form (.pdf)    Children Registration Form  Children’s Registration Form (.docx)